The District Midnapore was divided in two districts viz. Purba Medinipur and Paschim Medinipur districts on 01-01-2002. Undivided Midnapore was the biggest district spread over the southern part of Burdwan Division. In the entire subcontinent of India in districts ranks Midnapore was first in population, size and in area of 6th position. The district was comparable to all seven Union Territories and as many as nine states in India like Himachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Tripura, Sikim, Goa etc. The District lay between the latitude 21036’35” and 220057’10” in the northern hemisphere. It was between 88012’40” and 860 33’ 50” in longitude.  

In 1783 AD Midnapore was first declared as the Headquarters of the district by the British Rulers. 

Midnapore probably named after the name of Medini Kar, a Chieftain of 13th Century and Author of Medinikosh. Alternately after the name of Hazrat Madani Shah, a Sufi saint of the 16th century.

In other opinion, in the year 1524, King of Orissa - Medinimallya Roy captured the area and named as Medinipur. The name ‘Medinipur’ might come out from the name of Medinimata and a temple of Medinimata till exists at Old Jailkhana, Midnapore town. Besides, a clang of tribal called ‘Med’ were the old inhabitants of this area and the name ‘Medinipur’ might be given after the name of the clang.

Bifurcating the erstwhile Medinipur district Paschim Medinipur and Purba Medinipur districts came into existence on 1st January, 2002. Paschim Medinipur district located in between 210 47” N to 230 00” N and 87040” E to 87052”E . The District is surrounded by Jharkhand and Purulia District in the North, Jharkhand and Orissa in the West, Bankura, Hooghly and Purba Medinipur in the East and the South is covered by Purba Medinipur. The entire Jhargram subdivision consisting of 09 police stations is forest and laterite soiled with hilly terrain in the North covering Belpahari Police station, the extended portion of Chhoto Nagpur Plateau with pre-historic remnants of poliolythic and Copper age. The Sadar subdivision with 05 police stations too is of laterite soil with forest. Kharagpur sub-division has 10 police stations of which Keshiary and Dantan police stations have a portion of laterite soil while the rest is with alluvial soil. Ghatal subdivision with 03 police stations is of alluvial soil with concave basin and history of almost annual flood. The area of the district is about 9295.28 Recorded forest area of this district is about 1723778 hectors (approx). Population of the newly carved district is about 53 lakhs with a concentration of tribal and other ethnic groups in the police stations of Jhargram subdivision, Keshiary, parts of Narayangarh, Belda, Mohonpur  of Kharagpur subdivision, Goaltore, parts of Garhbeta, Salboni and Keshpur of Sadar subdivision and part of Chandrakona of Ghatal sub-division. Concentration of Muslim population is found in Keshpur, Garhbeta, Goaltore and Kotwali PSs in Sadar subdivision, Kharagpur, Debra Narayangarh in Kharagpur subdivision and Daspur in Ghatal subdivision. The district is mainly an agrarian one with some industries at Kharagpur area. 

The population of Paschim Medinipur district is characterized by impact of cultural language of bordering states. While the inhabitants of Dantan, Mohanpur, Belda PSs carry out the influence of Orissa in respect of language, culture and custom. The people residing under Jhargram subdivision have their traits in respect of tribal and schedule caste culture. Except some parts of Sadar subdivision the inhabitants of Ghatal sub-division and Sadar subdivision are Sadgop and Mahisya by caste. 

The percentage of Muslim population in the district is about 20% and most of them have been residing under Midnapore town, Kharagpur town Daspur, Keshpur, Garbeta, Chandrakona PSs area.


 There are 4 subdivisions in the district and 28 Police stations with 29 Blocks.

Sadar Sub Division (Midnapore) Kotwali, Keshpur, Garbeta, Goaltore, Salboni & Anandapur PSs.
Kharagpur Sub Division

Kharagpur (Town), Kharagpur(Local), Narayangarh, Keshiary, Sabang, Pingla, Debra, Belda, Dantan and Mohanpur PSs. 
Jhargram Sub Division Jhargram, Jamboni, Binpur, Belpahari, Lalgarh, Gopiballavpur, Beliabera, Sankrail and Nayagram PSs.
Ghatal Sub Division Ghatal, Chadrakona and Daspur PSs.

The climate of the district is tropical, moist and some sub-humid. The distribution of rainfall is irregular and uneven.

Annual rainfall (2002) 1663 MM
Temperature Maximum : 44 Degree Celsius
Minimum 11 Degree Celsius

Administrative set up ::

District Head Quarter     Medinipur.
Sub-Division (2002)
  • Medinipur Sadar,
  • Kharagpur,
  • Jhargram and
  • Ghatal.
Police Station  28
Inhabited villages (1991)        7511
Mouza (1991)    8698
Municipality (2002) 8
Block (2002) 29
Panchayat Samity (2002) 29
Gram Panchayat (2002)  290
Gram Sansad (2002)  3449

Area and Population ::

Area (2001) 9786 Sq. K.M.
Population (2001)    5193411
Density of Population (2001)  531 Sq. K.M
Male  50.99 Percent
Female  49.01 Percent
 Rural 88.10 Percent
Urban                 11.90 Percent

 Medical facilities ::

Hospitals, health centers,Clinics and dispensaries (2002)           


Family welfare centre (2002-03)    


Total beds (2002)                             


Total beds per lakh of Population    


 Educational Institutions ::

primary (2002-03)                           


Middle (2002-03)                       


High (2002-03)                                              


Higher Secondary (2002-03)        


General College (2002-03)                 


University (2002-03)                         


Literates ::       Male (2001)             

81.30 Percent

                        Female (2001)           

59.10 Percent



 Road Length ::

Surfaced (2002-03)-                                         .

9218.07 K.M


7239.00 K.M.

Number of registered  Motor vehicles                                       

85307 Number


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