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Immediately after change of guard in the State of West Bengal, to counter the Maoist propoganda amongst the people of Jungle Mahal against the State on different aspects, the policy of counter propoganda was adopted as a measure ( weapon) to alienate the Maoists from the peace loving people (main stream) of the soil.

The leaflets, posters etc. depicting the subversive activities – like killing of innocent men, arsoning, looting etc. by the Maosit were widely circulated in the jungle mahal area. It was also circulated through such leafleting and postering that the subversive activities of the Maoist organization had in no way come in the all round development of the people of jungle mahal.

Thereafter the people of the jungle mahal in general were called to challange and to put up a bold front against the Maoists through postering and leafleting.

The new policy of the goverment to arrange for employment of youths in Home Guard, NVF, Junior constable etc. were widely circulated. On the other hand the Maoist organization called for boycotting the police and it was declared by them that policy is vague and the Maoist organization threatened that if anybody joins police, he would be killed. Braving the constant threat of the Maoist organization, a huge number of youths (eligible candidates) of jungle mahal area applied for recruitment in Home Guard, NVF and Junior constable.

** Recruitment of HG Boys.

From five LWE affected PSs (Jungle Mahal) of the district total 203 Home Guard boys have been recruited.

** Recruitment of NVF personnel :

From five LWE affected PSs (Jungle Mahal) of the district total 666 NVF personnel have been recruited and now they are undergoing training.

** Recruitment of Junior Constables :

From five LWE affected PSs (Jungle Mahal) of the district total 1483 candidates (including 170 lady candidates) were called for interview for recruitment in Junior Constables who qualified Physical Measurement Test, Physical Efficiency Test and written test. The recruitment is under process.

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