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There are two Reserve Battalions one at Bidhannagar, Durgapur, Burdwan and the other at Siliguri. 

 India Reserve Battalion at Bidhannagar, Durgapur, Burdwan is well connected with the other parts of the state by Road and Railways.

These elite units have been raised to combat all facets of  serious L&O problem and LWE activities in the state. Thus the primary role of this force is to combat terrorism in whatever form it may assume in areas where activity of LWE assume serious proportion and local police forces cannot cope up with the situation. The IRBn is  a force specially equipped and trained to deal with specific situation and has, therefore, to be used only in exceptional situation. The force is not designed to supplant the functions of normal armed police.

            The IRBs was  modelled on the pattern of Central Police Force CPF.  The Sub Inspector of Polices and Constables of these units are directly recruited from all over India and thus the Unit comprising of personnel hailing from the different states of the country like Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand, Uttrakhand, UP etc.

Role & Task

Role: The IRBn is a elite force to handle serious law and order problems and to provide touch support to the local police forces in dealing with anti-LWE activities in whatever shape they may take place in different parts of the state.

Task: i) Neutralization of LWE threat in any specific area;

            ii) Engaging LWE in a specific situation in order to neutralize them;

            iii) Raid on a hostile hideouts;

            iv) Cordoning and search operations;

            v) Rescue of hostages;

            vi) Combing operations;

            vii) Ambush and counter ambush operations;

       viii) Convoy protection;

ix) Reinforcing a patrol;

x) Special operations;

xi) Act as reserve;

xii) Training of State Armed Police personnel in Anti-LWE operations, VVIP /VIP security, Raids on hostile hideouts, Cordon and Search Operations, Long Range Patrolling, Road Opening Patrol, Ambush and counter-ambush, handling of sophisticated weapons and other Field and Minor tactics. 

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