Swami Vivekananda State Police Academy

From 01 August 2011 "Police Training College, Barrackpore" is  renamed as "Swami Vivekananda State Police Academy , West Bengal"
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Training Programme conducted by
Swami Vivekananda State Police Academy West Bengal

1. Basic training of police personnel of different ranks and officials of other law enforcement agencies e.g., Excise etc.

2. In-service training of police personnel of different ranks

3. Pre-promotional and post-promotional training of police personnel of different ranks.

4. BPR&D sponsored advanced training programme for inter-state police officers of different ranks.

Increase in Firing Practice in 2010

Swami Vivekananda State Police Academy , West Bengal at present has increased the practice rounds of each trainees to fire from available weapons after getting release order of extra ammunition from Central Armoury, Barrackpore


Type of Weapon

Nature of Trainees

Presently done in SVSPA

Earlier Years


.303 Rifle

All Cadets & RCs

30 Rounds (including final)

15 Rounds


.410 Musket

Cadet Sgt. & Cadet SI(A/B)

48 rounds (including final)

24 Rounds


.410 Musket

Cadet SIs(U/B), WBP & KP & RCs

20 rounds (including final)

10 Rounds


.38 Revolver

All Cadets & Dy.SP (U/T)

54 rounds (including final)

18 Rounds


.22 Rifle


10 rounds

(only practice)

10 Rounds



Dy. SP (U/T), Cadet Sgt. KP, Cadet SIs, WBP & KP & RCs

20, 15 & 20 Rounds respectively


Revision of Examination System

As per new Examination System, 70% of the questions is objective and the rest 30% is descriptive in nature as per BPR&D Guideline.
Implementation of Integrated Modular Methodology.

Revision of Training Syllabus

Apart from the various professional subjects the following subjects have been newly incorporated
1. National security
2. Disaster Management
3. Community Policing
4. Cyber Forensic and Information security
5. Election Management

Basic Features:

1. All relevant theoretical inputs have been identified and designed in specific module.
2. Use of case studies and problem solving exercises
3. Use of case laws
4. Introduction of Moot Court
5. Staging of crime scene
6. Screening of relevant films
7. Group discussion followed by feed-back


Module on Protection of Human Rights: Duties of Police

  1. Key Points:

Human Rights:

Ethical Context

Human Rights &

Indian Constitution

Human Rights &

Procedural Laws

Human Rights &

Special Laws

Custodial Crime: Case Study

1. Concept of Human Rights-Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


2. Violation of Human Rights in India-Allegation against Police.

1. Constitutional provisions regarding protection of Human Rights.


2. Directions and Rulings of the Apex Court and NHRC regarding protection of Human Rights.

Provisions of Cr.PC relating to observance of Human Rights during:

a. Arrest & Detention.

b. Search & Seizure.

c. Interrogation of Accused.

d. Bail Procedure

1. Provisions of the Protection of Human Rights Act-1993

Custodial Death & Custodial Rape-Case Study.


Theoretical Inputs: 

Human Rights:

Ethical Context

Evolution of Concepts: (1) Magna Carta AD 1521, (2) US Declaration of Independence 1776, (3) French Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen 1789, (4) Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, (5) International Convention of 1996.

Violation of Human Rights: Allegation Against Police: 1) Refusal to draw FIR and minimization of offences, 2) Illegal arrest and detention, 3) Indiscriminate use of Handcuff, 4) Custodial Torture, Custodial Rape, Custodial Death 5) Death by fake encounter-Penal Provisions.

Human Rights & Indian Constitution

Provisions of Indian Constitution: 1) Fundamental Rights(Art.14 to 35), 2)Un-enumerated fundamental rights (Right to privacy, Right to Human dignity, Right against torture, cruel or unusal punishment or the degrading treatment, Right to free legal aid, Right against custodial violence,3) Directive Principle (Art.39,41 to 51)

Case Laws

1) D.K.Basu- Vs-State of West Bengal[1997(I)JT(SC)-I],2) Joginder Kumar- Vs- State of UP[AIR 1994-SC 1349], 3) Prem Kumar Sukhla- vs- Delhi Administration[AIR 1980 SC-1535], 4) Sunil Gupta -vs- State of MP [AIR 1990,SCC(CR)440], 5) Gobinda- vs- State of MP [AIR 1975 SC-1379], 6) Hussainara Khatoon- vs- Home Secretary [AIR 1979 SC 1360, 7) Sheela- vs- Union of India [1986 SC 1773]

Human Rights and Procedural Laws

Provisions of Cr.PC : 1) Arrest- Sec.46,49,50,51,54,55,56,57, II) Search & Seizure- Sec.93,47,100,100{3}, Interrogation ? Sec.160 to 164,436 to 439

Human Rights and Special Laws & PRB

Provisions of The Protection of Human Rights Act-1993: Sec.2(D),2(F),3,4,12,13,14,15,17,18

Provisions of Police Regulations of Bengal,1943: Escort of prisoners [Rule 331,332]


Lecture & Demonstration

1) By In House Faculty:

2) By Guest Faculty     : Dr. Amit Sen, Member, West Bengal State                  Human Rights Commission.

Case Study

1) Smt. Nilabati Behara- Vs.-State of Orissa [1993(2) S.C.(Page    503)],Ref.Supreme Court on Criminal Justice by R.K.Bag page no.450, 2)Saheli -Vs- Commissioner of Delhi Police[AIR 1990 SC Page No.513] Ref. Supreme Court on Criminal Justice by R.K.Bag page no.451

Audio Visual Aids

1) CD-5 Provided by SVPNPA and power point presentation made    by SVSPA West Bengal on Human Rights.

2) Website link-a) www.state.gov , b) www.legalservicesindia.com, c) www.lawharvard.edu, d) www.amnesty.org

3) Film show: ABTAK CHAPPAN(Hindi Commercial Film), GANGAJAL (Hindi Commercial Film)

Group Discussion & Feedback

Trainees discuss the entire lesson in separate groups and submit their feedback reports.


Introduction of Training Programme on Election Management

Object and Purpose:

1. To make the trainees aware with the election process
2. To make the trainees aware with the different duties of police personnel
in c/w Election
Introduction of Training of Trainers Course for the Faculties
Object and Purpose:

1. To increase the training skills of the faculties
2. To make the trainers competent for the effective implementation of
Integrated Modular Methodology
3. Introduction of Integrated training of I.P.S. Probationers and Dy.
S.P.(U/T) on common issues regarding working in west Bengal


  • USIS,
  • UNHCR,
  • NCB,
  • BPR&D;
  • IMI



  • Indian Army,

  • ITBP Academy,

  • BSF Academy,

  • Hazaribagh,
    BSF Academy, Tikenpore.