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For Emergency Dial 100.                                
WBP e-Tender Manual
Workflow Based File Tracking System
Information wanted in respect of escaped prisoner
Posting of IPS Officers
Important Telephone No.
Police Commissionerates
Women Police Stations
Coastal Security Scheme
West Bengal
Disaster Management Group
Arrest and Surrender in LWE affected Districts
Special Recruitment in LWE affected Districts
Community Policing in LWE affected Districts
Seizure / Detection / Conviction / Recovery
West Bengal Police
Vision 2020
Journal / News Letter
CCTNS at West Bengal
West Bengal Police Gazette
Audit Report
( WBP Medical Insurance Fund )

Executive Summary
Values and Guiding Principle
Department Profile
Historical Context
Core Responsibilities
Organizational Chart
Crime Statistics
Key Data of WBP: A Graphical representation
SWOT Analysis
Internal Analysis: Strengths and Weaknesses
External Analysis: Opportunities and Threats
Goals and Objectives
Immediate Imperatives
Cybercrime and WBP
Challenges Ahead
Appendix I: Organizational Chart
Appendix II: Crime Statistics
Appendix III: Cities with Police Commissionerate System
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